Birthday kits to decorate a themed birthday for little boys and girls.

These Super Kits have been designed for both boys and for girls alike. Use one for a pyjama party, a disco, a circus, a carnival or to celebrate the change of season ! Filled with bright colours and patterns, these kits are perfect for organising and decorating a successful party in the blink of an eye ! 



Do mixed birthday party kits work for children who don't like princesses or pirates ? 

Of course ! These birthday party kits are for children who dream about the tropics and fruit salads, who want to watch The Lion King under the stars with their friends, who want to do Koh Lanta or take part in The Voice. Briefly, there' s tons of possibilities ! Whatever happens, in each one of these kits, there's everything you need to have a memorable party (balloons, tableware, garlands, confetti...) except the cake of course ! And if you click on our blog, you will find what you can do theme by theme, playlist included !

In the mixed birthday party kits, is there a games booklet ? 

Yes, there are games booklets in all the kits. They are identical to the ones that are for children who like mermaids, superheroes or safari ! The only thing that changes are the games. If you want your games to coincide with the party theme, just adapt the vocabulary. For example, if you play Grandmother's footsteps with children who are 4 or 5 years old, for a dinosaur party, ask them to walk like T-Rex, then like a Triceratops and then a Diplodocus; for a safari birthday party, tell them to walk like a tiger, then a giraffe and then an elephant ! It's a s simple as that and that works for all games and for all ages !! You just have to think a little bit outside the box (which isn't easy when there are 10 kids to manage) !

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