Our team
  • Gabriella

    Co-Founder of My Little Day
    120,000 ideas a second. In charge of products. An audacious hard worker and perfectionist: a touch of Brazil and a passion for chocolate (sometimes people say she’s our version of Gisele Bündchen, you see.)

  • Dorothée

    Co-Founder of My Little Day
    Passionate and demanding with a distinct laugh, she’s not afraid of anything. In charge of purchasing. Known for her frankness, she loves caustic humour and has an incomparable style.

  • Alicia

    Dynamic, fun and generous; she’s just at ease with people as she is with social networks. And she loves to suggest new ideas. (And joke around. Often. All the time?)

  • Amélie

    Office manager
    Chief officer of jokes. A conscientious clown who misses nothing! Frank and mischievous, she keeps a close watch on the office with a natural charm!

  • Audrey

    It’s always the quiet ones you have to watch! With a calm nature, she has a formidable efficiency, and an unparalleled eye for the latest trends and super-stylish products!

  • Marinette

    Artistic Director
    With a fiery spirit, she’s warm and passionate about art, tattoos and pretty pictures. With a quirky and slightly dry sense of humour, she’s been delighting the troops since the very beginnings of My Little Day.

  • Linda

    Visual communication
    Inventive and talented, you can always count on her visual communications know-how. She’s always full of ideas! A hedonist, she always has great recommendations for the best deals at bars and restaurants!

  • Mahaut

    graphic designer
    On team image, you need a quiet force! Calm and composed, she has an eye for creating images with great attention to detail. A real gem (but never the last to have a good laugh).

  • Mélissa

    Ultra-dynamic, efficient and precise! She won’t give up until she has what she wants, a precious quality in this job. A real tornado that nothing can stop!

  • Marsala

    Ingenious and methodical, she finds solutions to any problem you could encounter (it can happen…) All with warmth, discretion and lots of efficiency!

  • Laia

    Digital woman 
    A curious spirit that doesn’t take herself too seriously. A real fairy godmother to the website. Rigorous, perseverant and full of humour…but don’t mess up, nothing escapes her!

  • Guillemette

    Client Services / Writer
    Smiley and conciliatory, she knows how to advise and reassure every client! Very patient, she always has the right words!





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