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My Little Day is proud to take action in sponsorship with Unicef, Tout le monde contre le cancer, Les restaurants du coeur


As you know, at My Little Day, we love parties, roar of laughter, confetti and balloon grapes, among others. What we love above all is to add some tenderness in everyday life. Our leitmotiv? “Daily dose of fiesta”!

Despite the glitters, we also know that it’s hardly a bed of rose for a lot of people all over the world. As soon as we’ve been able to, it was obvious that we had to crusade for needy persons and children.
Today, we are proud to support 3 amazing French charity organizations: UNICEF France, Les Restos du Coeur and the Association Tout le monde contre le cancer.

We follow those generous people for their philosophy and actions, and support them giving financial and also material donations.
Those 3 organization crusade for the more fragile, helping them to build better life conditions and a hopeful future. We like to think that altruism, empathy and compassion are essential values to share, and that if everybody does its bit, thinks could change!
We are very happy to share with you our engagement, and invite you to be a part of it.

Many thanks,

Dorothée, Gabriella, Marsala, Marinette, Marion, Mélissa, Ludiwine, Laia, Linda & Alicia

Tout le monde contre le cancer Unicef

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