In a perfect world...

When we organise a birthday party, we want everything to be perfect. Perfect preparation, perfection decoration, perfect party! Here is a little story set in a perfect world - it certainly makes us dream...

D-4 weeks.I've picked a date and ordered some invitations. They're superb, my Felix will be over the moon. 

D-3 weeks. Felix and I have defined a list of guests. As he's turning 6, there will be 6! Felix was very reasonable, he's great! He wrote all the names of his little friends on the envelopes. Tomorrow, he'll give out all his precious invites at school. 

D-3 weeks (again). We've decided on a theme. This year, we're going to throw a superhero themed party. Now all we need to is find the right materials for  the table, the decoraton, the activities, the presents... I'll make a to-to list. 

D-2  weeks. All the paretns have replied to me, even before the date indicated on the RSVP. I'm a star! 

D-2 weeks. I'm starting to receive all the necessary materials to create a precious and memorable 6th birthday for my little boy. 

D-1 week. I've ordered a superhero themed cake, in the shape of an S for SUPER. He'll be so happy. The countdown has really started - there's a mission for every night. 

D-6. I've created an excellent cape with my sewing machine that I only get out for big occassions. 

D-5. I've created a cardboard New York city out of scraps of cardboard that I had previously saved because I'm very well organised.

D-4. I've created a playlist that the children will adore.

D-3. I've spent hours on the internet researching what games we should play. I've found loads of ideas. I prioristise them, list them, and choose which one's we'll play. 

D-2 I've gone shopping and bought some sweets, lots of fruit and some fruit juice because these children aren't going to leave my Felix's birthday before they're all full up! 

D-1. I've made myself a cape - a Super mum cape that fits perfectly with the theme. My decoration is all in place. I'm ready. 


D Day

9h. Felix gets up, relaxed. He is thrilled by the decorations that I put up the nigtht before. We have breakfast.

10h. We decorate the table. It's beautiful.

11h. We put the finishing touches on the decoration. 

12h. We have lunch.

13h. A moment of calm. A little storytime before the party. Obviously my Felix is so super that he sits and listens without moving. 

14h. It's time to get dressed, make yourself up, put out the fruit and the sweets, and pour the juice into jugs. 

14h45. Excitement is at it's hight - They'll arrive soon. 

14h59. The 1st guest arrives. The party can start.

15h05. My little gang has gathered, all dressed as superheroes. It's time for a heroic afternoon. 

15h06. I introduce myself to the children, explaining to them what will happen during the party. They look at me intently. There are 3 boys and 3 girls. They're silent - they seem impressed. 

15h07. It's time to start! We start of with 'Funny Faces'

15h10. I follow on with 'The wheels on the bus'

15h12. 'Pass the parcel'.

15h20. The 'Forbidden word'.

15h25. I think that I've been going a bit quickly - I think I need to slow down a bit or otherwise the party will be over in 15 minutes. We'll drag things out a bit. The children watch me with shining eyes. I feel radiant. 

15h35. We create two teams. 

15h45. I have two teams. The 'Champions' and the 'Best'. 

15h46. The musical Beret can start - they're ready to go. They all congratulate eachother - they're very polite! 

16h00. We do a series of skill games. They're all very calm and being very kind to eachother. It's a moment of harmony. 

16h15. One last game before tea time. I'm starting to lose their interest - they're thirsty and they're hot. I fell like they could do with a little nap. Me, I'm on great form. Glowing. 

16h30. A little train winds itself around the table so that they can have a glance at it before they actually arrive at it. They rush straight for the fruit. These children are all such angels. Time for a little story about superheros to let them recharge their batteries. 

17h00. A little superhero activity. We customise masks, colour in New york colouring pages and make capes from tissue paper. It's all gone very quiet - I worry that they're getting bored, but no, they're just concentrating...

17h30. Mini disco. With a little bit of music, we play musical statues. 

17h45. Time is flying - parents will arrive soon. We open the presents. Each child politely waits their turn to bring their present to my little Félix, who is giddy with happiness. 

18h. The parents arrive. They are a little worried, and find it hard to believe when I tell them that everything was great. I remember to ask how everything is going with them. 

18h05. I propose that the parents have a quick glass of champagne while the children run off to play in Felix's room

18h20. The parents are just as polite as thier children. After one glass, everyone leaves with their hands full of little presents.

18h30. It's time to tidy up. Félix is tired out but very happy. He thanks me a thousand times. He won't be waiting for long before he goes to bed... and me neither. 

D+1. I take Félix to school. The children call me by my first name and look at me as if I'm a princess. In short, it was great! 



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