The countdown

"I'm late, I"m late..." The White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland often speaks the truth! In order to organise a birthday party without too much stress, here is a list to help remind you of all those little things that we often forget! 

- Choose a date. You have the choice between a Wednesday, a Saturday or a Sunday. The choice is up to you, and should be chosen according to your timetable, sport lessons, holidays, bank holidays, weekends, birthdays that have already been planned, dinner parties... You'll find that there will never be too much choice! 
- If you want the help of a party planner, its most likely already too late! However, you're probably just in time for next year's party...
- Ask someone to help you, whether is be a sister, a spouse, god-parents, a baby sitter, a friend... and get them to note down the date! 
- Decide on the number of children that you feel ready to handle. Don't talk to your child about the party until this number is set. For ages 4 and above, don't invite less than 6 children, as it's the minimum number that you need to be able to play group games. Remember to never take on more children than you think you can handle!
- If you don't want to make a cake, but want to get one made instead, now's the time to order it! 
- Decide on a theme with your child. 
- Ask them for a list of friends that they want to invite, making sure that they know the maximum number that they are allowed. 
Order or make the invitationsIf they stick to the defined theme, it's an added bonus as it will help to create the right atmosphere! 
- Fill out the invitations. Depending on their age, you can ask your child to write the names of each guest on the envelopes and then decorate them with stickers and drawings - Make sure they join in! 
- When you fill out your invitations, try to be an exhastive as possible. Think about including your full names, telephone number and email address to make it as easy as possible to RSVP. To avoid any confusion on the actual day, include your full address, digicode, interphone, AND of course dont forget to add the name of your child, the date of the party and the time it will take place! 
- Start to give out your invitations. Certain teachers refuse to give them out , so the distribution process can sometimes take some time...
- If you're not being helped by a party planner and you're doing everything by yourself, start doing some internet research to give you some more ideas about your chosen theme. 
- By now you should know what you are going to do during the party and have an idea of how the afternoon is going to go, and so you can make a list of the things that you're going to need. 
- If you want to order some party accessories online, now's the time to do it! 
- Our list of essential items:
* Candles - you can't have a birthday cake without candles!
* Balloons - what's a birthday party without any balloons?!
* Little presents of sweets to give out at the end of the party - it's a tradition!
* Paper party bags so that you dont end up having to but your little presents into freezer bags. 
- Make a playlist containing all your child's favourite songs - and yours too, because it's you who is going to have to make them dance! Find our Deezer playlist here
- Make sure that you have received everything that you have ordered or dash out to do a bit of last minute shopping. 
- Start to prepare the activities, DIY projects, fancy dress...
- Talk to you child about what you're intending to do, how you're planning on the afternoon going, and let them into all the secrets - involve them! 
- Make your cake.
- Whatever you decided on as decorations (balloons, garlands etc.), put them up! 
- Prepare the party bags for your guests. 
- Decorate the table with your child. They will be thrilled to be involved. It's their birthday after all! 
- Tidy away and precious games or fragile objects. 
- Move the furniture - create as much space as possible for the party! 
- Don't plan a big dinner the day before or the day of the party. The weekend should be totally devoted to the party, otherwise you can't fully enjoy it. Leave the champagne until later!
PS : If you don't respect these timings, you're completely normal!
PPS: If you do respect this plan you're not only normal too, but also very well organised! 

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