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Developing a theme

Organising a birthday party for little children involves lots of different stages. We are often in need of some advice to be sure that we have fun and don't make any mistakes. Here, we offer you ome simple recipes for sucess when it comes to party planning. First of all, it's time to choose a theme...
Children love stories. Some more than others. Some stories scare them, others charm them. Some are picturesque, while others are more gloomy. Some show them the importance of morals, others are just for fun. Some are filled with heroes and heroines, while others are filled with fictional characters. 
 In each of these stories, there's a colour, a light, a sound - something which brings it to life and makes the story more real. Glitter brings a princess to mind, whereas stars conjure up ideas of superheroes. For children, mixing these elements with a story give it a magical power. Words, colours, shapes and images can all be used to make a statement and create this magical world at your party!
Themes are created to help us convey our message, to help us fix upon a certain colour scheme, and to transform a party into its own world. In our case, it's a question of cowboys, dinosaurs, princesses and Little Red Riding Hood. For these themes, our ideas are simple and accessible to everyone...
- Suggestions of words and colours to find decoration that fits with your theme. 
- DIY projects to create an accessory to wear or use as a decoration.
- Activities do do with your children during a party.

Decoration can determine the tone of a party, so have fun!  Dress a table or a buffet by adopting colours and designs that follow a theme . Either go all out or simply add a few little touches here and there, such as figurines. Think red, blue and stars for a superhero, pink and gold for a princess.

Hang garlands, paper decorations and balloons in the centre of a room or all around its edges - as many or as little as you desire! Fill your balloons with air by blowing them up yourself, or for added style fill them with helium using a pump. Have fun mixing different shapes, sizes and colours of balloons. Discover more ideas here

DIY projects and activities have been around forever. We did them when we were younger and now our children are doing them at school... It's nothing new! We have compiled a list of ideas which we think will be the most successful for keeping a little mind occupied for the afternoon. Each one of these DIY projects can be adjusted to suit a different theme with a little bit of imagination! The products can also be turned into creative activities for children over 6 years old. Each of these projects gives the opportunity to tell a story, even the most simple of them. For example, even a paper chatterbox poses an infinite amount of possibilities... 
Even a cake can tell its own story! To make a superhero cake, all you need is to stick to the colours of your theme. A simple pound cake topped with a heroic figuine instantly creates a supernatural atmosphere - what sort of receipe you have used doesn't really matter. Decorative toppers or bunting allows you to keep the cake itself fairly simple. Besides, when it comes to children, it's often the simplest things that please the greatest number...


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