Super ideas for Advent calendars!

Christmas is just around the corner; the lights are already up, chocolates are brightening up shop windows, shiny decorations are in abundance and kids are starting to ask about their Advent calendars! What better a time to play on the traditional Advent calendar for a magical countdown to the big day?



DIY - Do It Yourself : Diamond Advent calendars

Les diamants crakers de l'Avent
Les diamants crakers de l'Avent
Diamond origami crakers
advent diamond origami
advent diamond origami
Les diamants crakers de l'Avent
Soon it will be the 1st December and time to open those Advent calendars! We propose a new, original calendar, that you can make yourself: 24 diamond Advent crackers. To make this, you will need:
- Sheets of black and white paper, each measuring 15 x 15 cm
- Gel glue
- Scissors
- Some black bakertwine string
- 24 black number gift-tags
- And of course, surprises to place inside the origami decorations: sweets, little treats, or better still, little personalized cards!

- To make the origamis, take a look at the step-by-step image guide from the super blog: Bog & Idé.
- Before sticking the two halves of your diamond together, don't forget to slip some exciting little surprises inside!
- You need to make a loop so that the gift-tag hangs on the string. Thread this through the middle of the diamond, using a needle to poke a hole through the centre.
- Do the same thing with a longer piece of string through the top of the diamond, allowing you to hang up your origami. 

Ta-da! Once all 24 origamis have been made, you can have fun hanging them up in whichever way you like; hang them from the branches of the Christmas tree, or on the walls. Everyone will love them, and it will make the Christmas countdown so fun; the kids can open up the diamonds every day!


Templates : Colouring-in ideas for customizing your decorations

pampilles à customiser
Pampilles à customiser
Pampilles à customiser
Pampilles à customiser
Here are some colouring-in ideas for our sweet white decorations, that will make Christmas both colourful and personal. 24 geometric white decorations and 24 animal decorations can be found on our website. For a super Advent calendar idea: Make a decoration for the tree every day until Christmas!

Kids can colour in the pattern on the template, or go about creating their own designs! This is great as a creative activity for entertaining them over the Christmas holidays.


Recipe: Small jam tarts for Advent calendars

recette la cantine des cousins : sablés à la confiture
recette la cantine des cousins : sablés à la confiture
Here is a tasty final touch for your Advent calendar!
Don't get caught out at the last minute with this sweet recipe for making mini jam tarts, that are perfect for Advent calendars!

The culinary blog La cantine des cousins has thought up this wonderful recipe for us at My little day; biscuits with raspberry jam! Thank you, La cantine des cousins!
for 35 biscuits

- 300 g flour
- 1 egg and 1 more egg yolk
- 100 g sugar
- 120 g softened butter
- 2 sachets of vanilla sugar
- 1 pot of raspberry jam

- Mix the softened butter and the sugars together until smooth and creamy. Then mix in the eggs and flour. Make a ball, wrap it up and leave it to cool in the fridge for 1 hour.
- Spread the dough, cut out shapes of your choice, and make sure that you have an even number of them. Scoop out the middle of half of your shapes so that you can fill them with jam, as shown in the photos above.
- Bake in the oven for 13 minutes at 190°. Let them stand and once cool, sprinkle them with icing sugar.  
Have a look at the Cantine blog to find more photos, recipes and tips for making these jam tarts!




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