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Back to School! Homework, teachers, recess ... sitting on the bench, sharing sweet summer memories! Soon they will busy as bees again, another school year for the whole family, sometimes tiring and tough but full of new things to learn and lots of fun in store too! And we have just what you need when it is time to take a break and have some fun!



DIY - Do It Yourself : The cracker marker !


We put a fun twist on those traditional Christmas Crackers! Fill them with goodies and confetti for an original and fun Birthday table decoration!

You will need:

- 1 Toilet paper roll
- 1 kraft envelope
- Tape
- Scissors
Masking Tape
- A coloring marker of your choice to color the tip
- Download the printable sheets here and the pattern here 

1 - Cut out the pattern for the tip of the marker and place it on the kraft envelope.
2 - Trace the pattern on the envelope then cut out the shape and color in the top corner any color you want
3 - Tape the side edges of the tip on the inside so that it forms a nice cone
4 - Put tape, half way, all around the bottom of the cone on the inside and attach to one of the inside rim of the toilet paper roll.
5 - Time to fill the marker! Confetti, tiny toys, sweet words,... anything you want as long as it fits!
6 - Cover the bottom of the roll with masking tape. (Easier than tape to rip through when it's time to crack these goodies open!)
7 - Time to cover the roll! Pick a printable here and wrap the toilet paper roll with it, you can glue it to the roll or simply tape the edges.

Voilà! Just have the kids pop the bottom to let all the goodies out! You can do this as an activity with your child, then display on the table for a cool Back to School-themed Birthday party!



Printables : OMY Bookmark

Printables-marque-pagePrintables marque-page OMYPrintables marque-page OMYPrintables marque-page OMY

This September, we have teamed with OMY to bring a little more fun to every school day!
First up, these two funny guys for a cool bookmark!

You will need:

- Download the printable sheet here
- Glue
- Scissors
- Card stock not too thick but hard enough to hold its shape; thin cardboard from cereal box can also work!
- Markers

1- Cut out roughly, not along the lines, the back side of the drawing but cut out the front side of the drawing along the black lines.
2- Glue the back side on card stock or other thin but sturdy cardboard.
3- Cut out the drawing along the lines now that it is glued to the card stock then flip it and glue the front side, matching  edges perfectly.
4- Now, you just have to make a small cut along the red line on the drawing. This small cut will allow the animal's arm to hold on to a page!

Have fun coloring them!



Printables : This school year, have fun every day !

DIY-Printables omyDIY-Printables omyDIY-Printables omy

This school year, there will be a little bit more fun every school day with these OMY printable sheets! Your glue and eraser have never looked this fun!

You will need:

- Scissors
- Tape
- Markers

1- Download the printable sheets here and cut out the shapes
2- Pick one and wrap it around your glue or your eraser
3- Tape the edges of the print together

Have fun coloring them! They are sure to put a smile on your face every time you will look at them!



Recette : Rainbow cake to color

recette rainbow cake

Preparation Time: 60 minutes
Baking time: 90 minutes

Ingredients (for 10 people): The Cakes

- 430 g of flour
- 430 g of sugar
- 220 g of butter
- 35 cl of milk
- 6 eggs
- 10 g of baking powder
- zest of 3 lemons

For the icing around the edges and in between the cakes:

- 500 g of mascarpone
- 200 g of cream cheese
- 125 g of icing sugar
- juice of 3 lemons
- 6 different colors of food coloring to make up 6 of the 7 colors of the rainbow: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red

Icing for the top:

- 200 g of white chocolate
- 150 g of cream cheese

Steps to follow:

For the Cake:
- Make sure butter is soft
- Whip the sugar and the eggs together
- Mix the softened butter with the eggs and the sugar until mixture is white
- Sift the flour and mix it with the baking powder
- Add the milk and the lemon zest and mix well
- Divide the mix in six equal parts
- Add one color of food coloring to each part

Colors tend to fade while baking, so do not hesitate to add more color

Bake each cake for 13 minutes at 170°C (thermostat 6) in this order! ... First Purple, then Blue, then Green, then Yellow, then Orange and finally Red. 

For the icing:

- Mix the mascarpone with the cream cheese, the icing sugar and the lemon juice. The mix should be soft but not liquid.
- When the first cake (purple one) is baked and cooled, place on the cake plate and add a layer of icing. Then place on top of it the cooled second cake (blue one) and add a layer of icing onto it. Keep doing this for all the cake layers/ colors.
- Finish icing the cake all around and on top

For the icing on top of the cake, we made a white chocolate icing but you can also use the same icing you made for the sides and layers. 

Melt the white chocolate, add some water little by little to obtain a soft texture then add the cream cheese and spread on top of the cake. 

Refrigerate for at least 3 hours; ideally overnight.

Now it's time to color the cake!!

We have cool markers made up of food coloring! They can write their name, draw patterns and shapes and once it's all decorated, watch their face as you cut into the cake and they see all the beautiful colored layers!!

Thanks to Rosie, from the Sweetapolita blog, for this great idea and for the delicious photos!

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