Setting a Sweet Table

The Sweet Table, otherwise known as the American Table. As Dorothée has already pointed out, it's not really our thing, compared to the french table, Coco C., Christian D., and Brigitte & Emmanuel!
And then we started to become used to the idea of seeing the table evolve, that making a complete meal of starter/main course/dessert is not always the best idea, so here is our advice for making an american sweet table, perfect for a wedding, a baptism, new year, etc...
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A sweet table, like its name might suggest, is a table filled with sweetness. 
It's an american trend, and I would go as far to say that it's an art in itself: one that our sisters at Oh Happy Day have mastered to perfection.
Most importantly, a sweet table must be prepared in advance. You will need to choose a specific theme and develop it so that each element acts as a vital part of your chosen theme. Then the sweet treats will only make it better!

So here are our 3 steps for setting a sweet table, adhering to the rules of art (according to us):


Your choice of theme is crucial because this is what is going to give life to your table. A theme can be a colour, a season, a cartoon character, a city, etc... The theme can be linked to the occasion (a pastel sweet table for a baby shower), or completely random (a summertime sweet table for new year), it's up to you.
You could be inspired by current trends or the season, for example: Tropical, Unicorn, Summertime, Pastel, Tutti Frutti, etc...

The final result will be seamless if each element of your sweet table is linked to the chosen theme: we therefore recommend a main theme so that all of the elements match eachother and there is an aspect of coherence (a pretty mess, yes/a big pile of rubbish, no). 


The million dollar question: A sweet table would be nothing without? Without? Ah, without a table! Choose one that isn't wobbly, and be sure to place it in a strategic place (if possible, against a wall, or if you are in a park, against a tree).
Find a pretty tablecloth (unless it's an India Mahdavi table), and then you can:

1. Put all of the straws into a cup.
2. Make an arrangement of cups.
3. Place the cake front and centre, on a cake platter so that everyone can see it (unless it was a failure).
4. Set up a pyramid of honeycomb balls.
5. Scatter some confetti, some little toys, etc...


Your table is (nearly) ready! For a really successful sweet table (with the "wow" factor guaranteed), "overflow" the table by attaching bunting above the table, or allow some balloons to float by the sides. The idea is to fill out the table as much as possible in order to give it some volume.


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